Tuesday, June 26, 2007

fisher of men

this is a complex piece i did awhile back entitled "fisher of men". it is partly about humanity. the populace is represented by the fish and fish eggs or row, seen as men in cramped quarters and the baby. the men being "fished up" (on the left) is my dad, repeated.
- a lone woman in the upper right is my mom, the "fisher". both of my parents are gone now, together in heaven, lifted above the natural world, as i hope i communicated in this piece.


John Doheny said...

Well hell, I'm bookmarking the baby.

I'm John Doheny. An aquaintance of your daughter's

John Doheny said...

Oops. I should qualify that and say an aquaintance of your daughter Brooke.

I just read the post about your younger daughter. And the mafia. And the shotgun. And the boot to the balls.

fredg said...

I love "Fisher of Men" like all the rest and I'll offer $12,000 up front if you'll ship it now. Without your wonderful explanations I'm not sure I'd figure out all the meanings so the explanations and backgrounders are very helpful to me. Maybe if Dine did that for hearts and bathrobes I could develop more appreciation. Oh yea, I looked at the NY art gallery website (can't remember name, old age ya know) and saw they had a grainy photo of one of your paintings called Lemon Grove 1952 (I think that was it). I immediatly knew that was your mom and connected with it very deeply. I printed the photo on photo paper and even tho it's pretty grainy and the colors are probably way off, I can sure feel the connection. That's pretty amazing when art can do that. Oh yea, I saw somewhere, probably on this blog that you like 60's music - - no way, that's reserved for me and the 500-600 songs on my iPod. You get the artist streak but I've got the 60's music. I never mentioned that 'cause I thought for sure it would scare you to death. It's been a very long day and I think I've got to rest my spleen (thought that might show some more common interests). lol, f

lisa bebi said...

welcome john...thanks for dropping by....glad you clarified which daughter you are acquainted* with. of course the same goes for brooke if need be (shotgun, etc.) but brooke being a grown woman has learned to handle herself in grimy situations pretty well (see post on the frenchy).......and she has the pitbull.
er, (cough), not that i'm implying you are a grim monger or anyting.

so, are you an artist yourself?

lisa bebi said...

dear fred:
i just love you.
cousin lisa

John Doheny said...

No, I'm a saxophone player. And I teach in the music dept. at Tulane in New Orleans.

Click on my name and go to my profile. There's links to my blog and my web-site there if you'd care to check them out.

This interweb thing is a world-class time waster, isn't it.:-)

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