Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BLOG TOUR......."Art at the Speed of Life"


(painting of my daughter Rosie, age 6)

I am so honored to be in this book by Pam Carriker.  Maybe I should say it this way, this is the first I have been invited to be in someone’s book and what an honor for it to be this one by Pam.
I have to say that this book is full of fun and unique angles on ways to get art done.
First, I found common ground with many of the book's artists.  For instance, I could completely relate to Julie Bergman’s inspiration coming tenfold when she is pinched for time and nothing at all when there is plenty of time.  so true.

 I love that Cate Coulacos Prato put a name to that overstimulated artist’s condition (sometimes people refer to it as flightiness) as  AADD--- Artist Attention Diversion Disorder.  You plan to settle into a project only to be derailed by the glint of an exciting new product.  
I related completely to Suzan Buckner’s  other way around version of Art at the Speed of Life - her's is fitting life into her world of art making.  She insists you should give yourself permission to do what you are truly drawn to do.  awesome.
I wholly agree with Suzi Blu’s insight- Your passion is what makes you an artist, not your schooling.   Christy Hydeck’s says the act of creating, the process of doing it,  can be transformational.  She is living proof of that.
So many more stories I loved - Nancy Lefko's deadline guilt.  I get that too.   Lisa Kettel's multifaceted muse.....interesting.   Almost as interesting and intriguing as Sharon Tomlison doing art at her desk.  That was great.   and Jodi Ohl directs us on marketing.
Paulette Insall clarifies what proper online protocol should be.
I am like Sue Pelletier - she finds inspiration comes from a moment in time or memory.   Laurie Blau-Marshall drags herself from a creativity block by reading art blogs.   

Beyond identifying with the words and styles of these artists, I found so any new and fun techniques to try that I had never thought of before.  Pam comes up with a ton of them: using liquid pencil, hand sanitizer and transparency blanks for image transferring,  her own recipe for busy beeswax, using gesso as a resist, and I love her wigform and plaster strips for a 3 -d self portrait.
Brandie Butcher-Isley has this recipe for a drip method I can’t wait to try.  And ooo-la-la the many layers Seth Apter uses intrigues me.
I love this book, can you tell?
There are so many inspiring articles and methods and of course they are all doable at the speed of life.

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I also want to thank  Jaime Guthais and the Interweave team for supporting this blog tour.

lisa bebi's art blog: BLOG TOUR......."art at the speed of life"



Congrats on being included in the book Lisa - rightly so, for your art rocks. Love the picture of your daughter.

And what fun with the Art at the Speed of Life! Great concept.

Anonymous said...

Love your carefree paint over technique in Pam's Book.
The picture of Rosie is adorable.
The blog tour has been fun.
Pam Barnes

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

I am enjoying the blog tour, and I want to thank you for your take on what Pam's book covers.

Dianne said...

Please come over to Australia so we can take a paintover class and pet collage workshop and, and. You get my drift LOL

joolsc said...

Lisa, you make the book sound mouth watering! I can not wait to own it!!!

lisa bebi said...

thank you for your possitive comments. it means a lot to me. about going to australia, dianne, what part of australia? just curious.

Kristi said...

Lisa, you have inspired me and I am so pleased that I have gotten to know you a bit better. Your work on the book was wonderful and you and Pam are both amazing along with the other artists in the book. You are so kind and love your desire to share. thanks!

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