Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i can't make myself stop.........

i am having so much fun and plus i have to admit, i am feeling a soul cleansing by painting these mindless abstracts. the whole key is not to over think - or even think at all. i like to see what comes from nowhere....or maybe i should say somewhere that i am not familiar with.

i must have painted over 30 this week.
this one has a little sketch my daughter did when she was in kindergarten.  i liked it.   so i went with it.

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s.b.lyngo said...

I need to practice some abstract soul cleansing as well. This is wonderful. I have been so inspired by my three year old's art work lately. She is straight on wit composition. I love to incorporate her stuff into my pieces as well. Generational awesomeness! :)

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