Monday, December 27, 2010

in paris.....

sorry there is no picture here.  i haven't figured out how to post images yet since this is not my laptop.
i just wanted everyone to know that the flight went without a hitch - smooth from home and in chicago -at the connection.  i expected the airports to be crowded with holiday travelers but it was the opposite.  quiet.  and easy.  personally i slept almost the whole way - not my family though.  now there is jetlag to pay.  aw, can't be helped.
it was so wonderful flying in and seeing paris under a blanket of snow - all uniformed looking,  like a white frosted cake.  the airport arrivals section and customs area were all hushed too to match the padded looking scenery.
we caught a taxi - a spanking brand new mercedes van with an up to date GPS.  it got us to our apartment swiftly.  we had a contest in the van - who ever spotted the eiffle tower first won.  my daughter was not obvious hidden in the grey sky.  but i was first to see sacred coeure - it was sparkling as if the sun spotlighted it as a welcoming beacon.  our apartment near the foot of it.
we found renee and maryjo in the apartment already - with the heaters on full blast.  that was nice.  the apartment is so funky and artsy - for instance we have a massive skylight in our bedroom.  that's romantic and with a candle chandlier - perfect since this is our wedding anniversary.
we made a quick walking tour of the area to buy fresh bread, cheese, and wine.  caught up on each others news and then crashed.  pam carriker came by the apartment at 4 pm as we had previously planned but we were all dead to the world.  she understood, she's a sweetpie.  we will meet in the morning and get orgainzed.  her apartment with her family is only around the corner from us.
time to sleep now (again) - tomorrow will be a day to get organized.  and to really scout around.
maybe i will figure out how to get my own computer up and running so that i can show you photos.  fingers crossed.


Susan Bainbridge said...

Great descriptions, but I do look forward to photos! Have a blast, Lisa! xoxo Susan

Joy Logan said...

Take pics for us...I posted your art hanging on my wall today on my blog!

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