Tuesday, December 28, 2010

day 2 paris...

still no photo - i'm so sorry. still working on it.  i guess i better get one of those iphones or other modern contraptions that uploads photos instantly and magically.

its a project to adjust to jet lag no matter how much you will yourself to stay awake to acclimate- the body defeats the will.

it was chilly yesterday but we bundled up nicely and headed out.  we got as far as 6 blocks away before we just had to eat something.  i think it was as much to do with the lovely lunchtime aromas encircling our heads as anything.  i noticed the aromas visually turned itself  into a misty hand with a "come here" finger calling us, myself.  you might think that only happens in cartoons, but no, it happened on rue marquette today at about 1 p.m. so into cafe michaels we went.  my daughter and husband had muscles in a beautiful white wine garlic sauce - a whole pot of it each with french fries. (the real kind). i ordered a beefstek (i think its spelled) - bad idea.  it had the tenderness of a deflated soccer ball.  oh well.  still the wine was good.
then that nasty jetlag reappeared.  dang.  we had to turn back and sleep.  so much for our exploring.
tomorrow is the beginning of the workshops - fortunately museums stay open until 9 p.m. so we will have time right after our sessions to go scout some more.  past cafe michaels is what i am hoping for.
meanwhile i am awake here at 4 a.m. munching on fresh bread and butter and sipping red wine.  yummm, ok now we' re talking.  that's the delicacy i am talking about.  i could live on bread, butter and wine and maybe a chesse or two.

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