Monday, December 6, 2010

daily painting..roadside cafe

i initially wanted to paint this piece for its shapes and to play with color.  then i got the, actually,  a compulsion to paint it in these vincent van gogh's cafe terrace at night (1888) colors.   do you remember that famous painting?  beautiful.

 i really don't know when if EVER paris would be this quiet during the day- no foot traffic, cars, horns blaring or people....when i look at this painting i hear silence.

for the diary:  spent the day with one of my paris co-teachers, renee richetts. we decide what tools and supplies to bring to paris for the workshop.  then we created a silly short movie about it using my photobooth movie application.  i was going to upload it to youtube but so far i can't remember how to do that.
we were giddy because we are so excited about our trip. 


Tess said...

Yes, I remember seeing that painting in books at the library. Wonderful colors. Your is fabulous too! And it does seem to have a quiet about it even ith all of the wonderful colors.
I can feel your excitement through your words.

priti.lisa said...

Your painting is gorgeous, Lisa.
Mostly, I love to hear silence too. But sometimes, I love a violin, a big voice in a language foriegn to me. I collected my favorite studio music and would send you a CD if you would like. Just email your address:

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