Tuesday, December 7, 2010

daily painting..place du terte....

"S Wonderful, S Marvelous.........place du terte (montemarte) the touristy street art show, jammed pack with art works and artists still wearing tams, offering to sketch your portrait right then to gathering crowds of tourists.  it is also where  the movie "American in Paris" centered itself.  and this, my dears, is were our workshop will be held in our rented apartment ---amidst the lively and exciting arts district.  at the "place du terte", we will be staying in a house (apartment) in this square--  near where picasso  and other famous artists lived.  

a winter scene with snow on the ground.  romantic, right?
always for me.
so i have to say that "my love is here to stay".

i am limbering up for our cancan night and now our leslie caron/gene kelly choreographied night. 
it will no doubt be beyond our capabilities to include a "nicole kidman sort of number" that she danced in the movie moulin rouge.  however , i confess, i will be on the lookout for some of her exotic and sexy outfits.

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