Saturday, December 25, 2010

daily painting...eiffle christmas day

i couldn't wish you all a merry christmas without another tip of the hat to the beautiful eiffle tower.
co-workshop instructor, pam carriker, is already in paris with her family (get this: - her husband flew the plane there!!!  OK so he is a pilot for a major airlines, but still)
anyway, she says it's a snowy white paris christmas (or xmas eve, as it were).  they enjoyed fine dining on this eve.  i can almost taste it now.

about eats:
my husband and 16 year old daughter, surprisingly if you ask me, both are looking forward to eating goose pate.  i didn't try it last time and it sort of gags me to think about it.  they LOVED it. well,  obviously. 
personally,  i am really looking forward to eating a crepe on the street near the moulin rouge -  a grand marier crepe suzette with tangerine zest - flamebeed.  that will be after i have had my fill of nutella crepes.  with banana.
so Merry Christmas everyone.  i just know you are having a nice one.


Quilterin said...

Count me in for the nutella crepe, without banana!
See you on Wednesday,

Liz-Anna said...

What a beautiful painting! I would love to go to Paris sometime with a group of artists. It sounds wonderful!

Joy Logan said...

just amazing!

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