Friday, December 24, 2010

daily painting......down the lit stairs

so guess where this is....well, i think it is very near our workshop location.  near sacred heart.  on the hill.  steep hill.  on foot.  in the cold and wet.  wearing big boots and heavy wool coat.  and head scarf.  and maybe carrying an umbrella and a bag of fresh bread.  and maybe some fancy gloves too  the ones i painted yesterday.  i will have full hands but, hopefully not full with our suitcases.  that would be a drag.  i could see it now - my suitcase would be the one that escapes and bumps and tumbles down this hill for 10 minutes, gathering speed and only stopping to rest inside the metro tunnel.
so what do i think of that?  i LOVE it - give me bad weather, and snow and hills and tumbling suitcases.....i'm a fool for paris.  afterall.
we leave sunday!

BTW, my "oversaturated polaroid look" technique article and art got published in the latest somerset studio magazine.  in the article, i describe how to do it.
example of "oversaturated polaroid look" technique.

actually i used this method on my lit stairs piece above. too.

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