Saturday, November 13, 2010

painting a day - wintery paris

 along the walk in a park in paris. imagine snow on the path and scratchy leaf-less trees.
 i'm so excited to be going to paris this winter i can hardly stand it.
to do:  buy a wool coat, scarf, gloves and beret.  maybe also some boots. with non-slip treads for soles. by contrast here in san diego, CA ii was wearing flipflops today and got a sunburn at my daughter's swim meet.  it's crazy hot here we are in mid-november and dying of the heat.  my lips are chapped as well. 
i will welcome the sting of cool, nippy air on my cheeks.  front and rear!
the smell of wood burning fires, maybe chestnuts  by street vendors like in the streets of italy.   i will love to sit in a small corner cafe sipping strong black coffee looking out frosted tiny window panes at people scurrying by from one indoor location to the next.  the sort of wet wool smell of the underground that we will take to the louve or the eiffle tower.  i can't wait to have have a crêpe filled with nutella and chocolate.  my favorite.  well until then - sweet dreams.


froogal said...

I love this painting. The only time I was in Paris was in the Winter, coming from Chicago it felt almost balmy...but I was in need of a hat, scarf and gloves.

Anonymous said...


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Sandy said...

Absolutely beautiful painting Lisa! I love the colors and the 'mood'. I want so much to go with you guys, but it doesn't look like I will be able to join you this time. I will make a big trip with you one of these days.
xoxo Sandy

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