Sunday, November 14, 2010

daily painting - wintery paris - my waredrobe

this is the kind of hat, gloves and fur i would like to lavishly adorn myself in for paris - er, if i were about 30 years younger and alive during the 1930-1940's.  
ever feel like you should have lived in a different era?   i feel an affinity towards the 1940's and early1950's.  i have always had a fascination with styles of those years.  to me the styles were the original sophisticated glamour gleaned from starlets and movie magazines.  a time steeped in dreamy wishes to capture the alluring look of olivia de havilland, rita hayworth or carol lombard.
the upswept hairdos with bobby pins and giant loose curls.  women's tailored two piece suits with shoulder pads and ample skirt material for the more casual dress.  and always a big belt to cinch in a waistline to create an hourglass figure on casual or cocktail dresses. 
solid looking high heeled shoes with peep toes, or laces.   coin purses with little silvertone clasps that made a mighty loud snap when you shut them.   bakelit or lucite jewelery.   pearls - long strands for wrapping round and round the neck.  scarves for the head and neck.  always silk, long and blousy. 
a wholesome look to the skin with little makeup but very deep red lipstick and deep red nail polish as well.  like ingrid bergman.
swing coats that finished at the hip.  asymmetrical hats with feathers and veils.  
well, you get the picture.  
funny, my reality is a wardrobe of jeans, sweats and tshirts.  but my dreams are always vivid.
all these things i love to look at and imagine living during this time frame.         
the colors were black, white and a dash of deep red.


froogal said...

I have recently been fascinated with vintage feather hats and really want to wear one but keep asking myself if a 58 year old would look ridiculous in a feather hat ... I have no choice about getting old so I may as well get eccentric.

I am curious...did you really do this painting in a day? Love it!

Elena said...

I would have so loved living in that era. I will be 50 next month so I missed it but the "girliness" of the era calls to me.

Anonymous said...

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

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