Monday, October 18, 2010

paris trio - sneak peek of our 3 day workshop

Part of art journalist pam carriker's kit for paris. looks like she has some very interesting instructions with her  bounty of sweet art.
can't wait!
metal artist plus whimsy is renee richetts.  she will teach us to use tin cans and other found ad fun objects we collect in paris and incorporate them into a metal book that is actually hinged.  many of her students from the last paris workshop got their work exhibited as book art! 
and then there is me!  learn to make some of your most beautiful and compelling art - something to always remember our time together in paris!

get three of us for three days and 3 unforgettable french lunches- 3, 3 for 3 for $450!  a bargain!!!  and  we will walk you around town and show you cool stuff on our days off.  you don't need to speak french we have 2 american translators on site. (renee and my husband)  and 2 gourmet cooks ( renee and my husband).
last time we had our workshop in paris, beginners in our class were able to display their art in an exhibit.  and also many of them got their art published for the very first time in somerset studio magazine!

here is a corner of our studio apartment in mid sacred heart district, paris! 
many of us are bringing our high school aged children since it will be during their winter break.  bring yours - they will LOVE you forever for it. we will show them how to get around by themselves in paris in a group.
for inquiries please email

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