Sunday, October 10, 2010

"intertwined couple"

my style of painting is often "painterly" - meaning i work fast and loose with my brushstrokes.  i teach many workshops, but one of my favorites is called the "glam paintover".  glam because i usually get the images from either glamorous type magazines or bridal magazines and paint on top of them.
its not ever way i paint - it is just something i like to do sometimes and it is very fun to do in a workshop.
artists have used magazine images for years and years as collage elements - so i decided to take it a step further and paint on top - because painting is what i do.  
it has some challenges like the acrylic paint i use often "crawls" on the slick paper - but i like that.  i love to see some of the actual image peek through underneath it adds interest, intrigue and, well, just an unexpected element to the piece.   the other challenge is how to mount such flimsy paper onto a canvas board or other support.  i have resolved this problem with my "never, ever any bubbles or folds" technique which i share in my workshops.  it's foolproof.  and i mean fool - like me  - proof.
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Joy Logan said...

LOVE thos Lisa paint-overs!!!!

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