Monday, September 27, 2010

my story. on video........
sorry i drone on and on.


lisa mitchell said...

(I just commented on the video comments page) You so did NOT drone on and on!!
That was such a beautiful tribute to your grandmother.
And I love that you can embrace the "I don't know why" so gently and peacefully.
When I was 21 my mother died. I remember a close family friend saying "many good things will come of this". I wanted to slap HIM upside the head. "How dare he say that!!?"And yet I can see all the miracles that came into my life because my mother died; I can see what I would have lost or never had...
I believe there are no mistakes in the Universe, and All is full of love :)
I don't think it's our job to ask why, or suffer over "the supposed why"--We don't control Life,
so to ask the "why" of anything is, well, an insane endevour.
Just like life doesn't give us a flower to ask "why the flower". Life gives us the flower to experience beauty in all ways we are able to perceive it. And to enrich our own life through it.
It's all a gift...every single moment. It's all LOVE and peace.

I can see how your life is a testimony of that too, Lisa,
and your art :)

Thank you for sharing your story :)

Naomi said...

Good morning,
It is a rainy Saturday morning in Southern Ontario. The type that beckons you to be at one with your medium of choice instead of doing the so called necessary Saturday rigmarole.
While I indulged in my favourite guilty pleasure breakfast, I watched your video. Your choice of topic validated my belief in the meditative process. You see, I am blessed to have the best job in the world. I "teach" adults who have been in injured on the job. Their ability to cope with their pain is based on many factors e.g. the weather, finances, lack of self, etc. When the idea of colouring was brought up, some of the big and burly men scoffed at the idea. However, some of the students did take to the idea. They used crayons, dribbled vegetable oil on their work and they were displayed on the windows in the various classrooms. The big men sheepishly asked to borrow crayons. The Crayola 64 was what we had. The Big and Burlies were buying their GIGANTIC boxes of 128 colours. Every once in awhile, a former student will drop in and I ask if they are still colouring...most of the time they are not but those with kids and grandkids love the calming time.
Thank you for making this video. I am sending it off to a friend who is also a believer in art therapy.

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