Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lessons & Life by Lisa Bebi


Kim Palmer said...

Great video Lisa. Very inspiring! I think this was a great way to tell your story. There is so much more conveyed here that probably would have been lost through the more conventional approach.

Musicmaker said...

WOW!! I'm a creative grandma, "Nonny", whose oldest g-child turns 4 in Nov - how timely your video is!! I've already made a lot of changes in my life in order to be with my 3 g-kids nearly every Monday, ostensibly to help Mom who can go to the grocery store without all the babes, but mainly to establish and develop a loving and fruitful relationship with each of the children. Being creative, I also have wanted to have a creative impact on them. Their Mom, my d-i-l, is creative in homemaking, scrapbooking, budgeting - she's an amazing organizer! Their Dad is a people person - a helper and encourager and leader. I've already given them 1 of my 2 pianos, and Mady and I make up songs and dances all the time, even away from the piano, but now I'm going to color with her too! Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

priti.lisa said...

Videos are easier than typing, but you have to be brave...I always feel happy...when I have finally posted it.
I enjoyed yours very much. It is nice to see the person you admire.
I had no idea of your difficulties, but in the end, your optimism is what shines! That is probably what saved your life...optimism. At least that's my answer. I create to show my optimism...and to remind me...Be Happy! I am soooo happy when I am painting.
I love that you don't know what you are doing! That is so comforting to me. I don't have a clue what I am doing, but I try to pretend that I do when someone wants a commission, I want them to FEEL confident that I know what I am doing. I DO know that I am going to go home and meditate with shaking knees. It all works out in the end, I am sure of it.
Thank you, Lisa, for for making me feel...I dunno...less alone.

Joy Logan said...

ohhh just love ya Lisa,great and brave speech! You covered it for us all.

Anonymous said...

wow. I stumbled onto this video and it really resonated. I lost my darling soulmate husband a year ago and have been struggling ever since. why why why. You have certainly dealt with much more than I have, and you look pretty content and sounded pretty centered, so there is hope for me. I am trying to jumpstart my artmaking but still finding it difficult to concentrate. Thanks so much for sharing and being so honest about your path.

lisa bebi said...

thank you everyone who watched and listened to my personal tale. it means to much to me to know that someone listened and perhaps was touched in some way by my story. i think the hardest thing of all is to feel alone on top of having hardships. i remember very well feeling like a freak because i was a victim to these circumstances. like perhaps i had done some awful evil to deserve it. these thoughts are what lead me to feel isolated - which totally compounded the situation. but now i know better and don't feel that way at all.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This is a question for the webmaster/admin here at www.blogger.com.

May I use some of the information from your post right above if I give a backlink back to your site?


lisa bebi said...

thanks for asking thomas. i would feel better if you identified yourself or your proposed post location. thats all i request.

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