Saturday, March 13, 2010

pics from the gARTage sale today and words from ruthie 66...

ruthie 66 (nina) was a radio personality for about 20 years here in san diego - she came to the gARTage sale today - these are her pics and her words:

I would love to see this as the beginning of a new trend. I know many artists who are also in the midst of spring cleaning, so maybe we could have more group garage sales in San Diego. In fact, why limit it to San Diego? 

meredith and me (i have bedhead) and 
good shopperkathy olsen - happy as evergood friends from our art world hilari ford and diane chin 
bet and hilariribbons and fiber nina bought for little (this box of ribbons was $1.magazines nina got for a dime each.other things nina got for pennies.

nina continues: Why not start a nationwide trend and get artists together, who are committed to stamping out clutter from their homes and art studios and have them team up and sell their art supplies to other artists and craftsmen?! Are you game?
read more of what nina had to say on her blog.


Damon-Eugene Rich said...

You should of sold things by the box, not baggie. You'll never get rid of the stuff. Donate some to a children's charity and take a tax write off.

Renee Troy said...

I'm sorry I missed it. Looks like it was fun. Hope you made lots of money.

Lille Diane said...

How cool is this!!! I wish I lived closer to participate! PS I am not the Diane you mentioned. Just a lily with the last name of Diane~ Hugzzz, Lisa!

Cheryl O said...

Looks like you had a good time, Lisa! I'm so sorry I couldn't make it :( Just means I'll have more for the next one, huh???? Hee Hee hee.......

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