Friday, March 12, 2010

gARTage sale tomorrow at 8 a.m. look!

we mean business!  help us get rid of all this shit.

lisa bebi's garage
7941 cinnabar drive
la mesa, CA  91941
619 463-3008


TheresainMS said...

I soooo want to be there but it's just too much of a trek from MS. I'm tempted by all of it! Good luck with your sale :-)

Linda said...

Oh Damn, why couldn't I live close to you? Good luck with the sale.

If you have leftovers, let me know I might be willing to buy some of it.

Damon-Eugene Rich said...

No fair, I want five or six arm loads!

Kathie said...

Oh man, Lisa. I am so bummed I'm still in Maryland. Have a great sale!!!

Jacky said...

aaargh Lisa, not fair.... doesn't look like shit to me. I would love to come but by the time I got there from Australia it would all be gone. Good luck with the sale not that you will need it. How come your brushes look so clean no way could I sell mine, usually glugged up with gel medium.

*jean* said...'s just not even fair that you have that huge box of brushes...i knew i should have moved to californ eye aye...dang!

sue pelletier said...

looks awesome my 2 favorite things garage sales and art stuff...wish i lived closer i would be there! good luck!

kitasmom said...

holy crap! you are my idol! look at all that shit! i'm drooling!! Linda E. (PS-how you been girly???)

Diane said...

Oh my goodness--I want all that shit!!

scott said...

I would be happy to ship you the two accordion boxes and the plastic handled case. I would be asking $7.00 for all. Are you sure you want to pay $6.00 for shipping those items?

Pam Warden Art said...

I am sick that I can't come. Cuz I'd be there now scarffing the stuff up!
(that is my foulest swear word)
Happy Sales,

Nina and/or Ruthie said...

That gARTage sale was AEWSOME!! You guys missed out! I got some great deals on some cool stuff. Thanks again, Lisa! -Nina

Paula Prass said...

Just one more reason to move to San Diego! Always trying to find another. It's an awesome idea.

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