Monday, February 8, 2010

patron saints project......

i have been involved in a year long collaborative project called Patron Saints.  we each (12 of us) took a saint and created a book to hold other saints inside.   our own saint is on the outside of our book.  my saint was saint rita.   we were to take the attributes of the given saints and come up with a piece using our own style, interpretations and sensitivities.   
anyway, this is st. jerome: a scholar, an elderly man and also the description of  the myth of st. jerome taking the sliver our of the lion's paw. 
 i hope you can see my depiction here of the older man studying in his bed, the obvious lion above him and always the dove of peace.
this piece will go inside laurie mika's patron saint book.


Kathy Gillespie said...

I love this collage, and I love the idea of the book..when can we see the completed book?

Gypsy said...

What a really FUN project!
Most of the time I look at your art and, wish I was part of that!
Great job!


lisa bebi said...

the lead person is Laurie Mika. we conclude our collaboration in early march then a new set of deadlines arise, i'm assuming. i will let you know when i know.

Tess said...

Oh my, I think this is wonderful. You captured St. Jerone beautifully. And yes we can see the older gentleman studying in his bed (easier when click to enlarge). Thanks for sharing this piece, hope you will sahre your completed book whe it is done.

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