Sunday, February 7, 2010

art quilt made easy, water transfer to cloth ....

first i painted a magazine tear out.
then i copy it to photopaper,
then i put wet cloth on top and use a paint brush to brush the water on and burnish,

dries and sewn into a quilt.the fabric used is bleached white muslin - it looks crisp doesn't it?  i don't know why that is.  but i like it.


Anonymous said...
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*jean* said...

cool technique...interesting first comment!

Susan Bainbridge said...

Hey Lisa - So when you say "copy it to photopaper," do you mean using an inkjet printer or are you using a copy machine or laser printer? I'm gonna try this!
I'm so curious now as to what that 1st comment was! XOXO Susan

lisa bebi said...

the first comment was spam about herbal vitamins or some such. i will have to start using my moderator tool.
anyway, yes, its ink jet copier - use cheap photo paper. i have found out though, tht some ink jet copiers don't work for this so far epson and brother work, but i had no luck with a canon.

Earthula said...

what great effects! It looks wonderful, and could be a collage of prints. Inspiring.
Thank you Lisa

lisa bebi said...

yeah they come out lighter than the original and also a bit rough looking which i like very much.

Kathy Gillespie said...

Thanks for sharing this great technique! What type of fabric is this? It looks shear.

Anonymous said...

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