Monday, December 28, 2009

still practicing using my new camcorder.....

for xmas my husband bought me a cannon vixia HF 100 - great light weight camera, its high def. too. my daughter rosie and i spent lots of time today practicing recording.  we interviewed each other - then talked together in "icarly" format. it was a kick, but soon the battery ran out.  we also caught our dog on tape again - (see below post) sitting on the sofa and not doing anything.  i mean nothing.  finally he got up and walked to me, i followed him with the camera practicing my negative zoom as he got closer and closer until i filmed him goosing my crotch.  damn dog. i didn't see that one coming - it made me squeal.
 the next time i filmed the dog sitting on the sofa, he ignored me then got up and walked straight past me and on upstairs to our bedroom (er, the word "our" refers to my husband's and mine bedroom- not the dog's and mine.)
i filmed him walking up the stairs begging him to turn around and look at me - he didn't.  another dud scene.  deleted.

the cat is more entertaining, in a bullying sort of way, but i was not in the mood for her.
so, in reviewing the taped sessions today - it was the first time i had seen myself talk - sure i have talked in front of the mirror, but thats way different.  for one thing in the mirror you can't see the side of your head or your personal mannerisms.  not well anyway.  so i was shocked.  i told rosie i didn't even know that person (meaning me).   its true.  i have been on TV before - i was on the news a few years back with a short interview about teaching young kids art for the san diego art institute.
then, last year, i had the big PBS segment on "paint, paper and craft"  - i had flown to north carolina for that shooting.  when i got the tape back i was horrified at the size of my muffin top (i thought the table was gonna hide it) and the fact that i forgot to put on lipstick.  that was an awful sight, let me tell you - and if you live in the area of the USA thats east of the mississippi and have caught that segment -well, just know, i do not approve of my looks.  cover your eyes.
more practicing tomorrow.

my friend meredith gave me a (fun) calendar for xmas.  when i was transferring my info to the new one i realized i have tons to do. TONS!  here, i was blissfully on holiday break only to discover - i'm on deadline again.
i have 3 paintings due wednesday to hang in a group show at Bard Hall Gallery.  i have 2 articles for Somerset studio due, (oje is handpainted canvas bags, the other is about the last years Paris workshop - showing my student's work). that will be fun.
then i have an entire chapter with about 6 pieces of art due by jan. 10 for the book i'm going to be in with pam carriker called "art at the speed of life".  hey, i will be working authentically for that project since i will have to, indeed, create the chapters at the speed of life.
also i have a meeting with someone new this week about a side business - all to do with weddings (glam art) and engagements, etc. should be fun.
also i accepted the part time job as a grumbacher workshop teacher for the 4 michaels in town. that starts in march.

then there is always the second saturday show in my little gallery inside the bigger gallery at escondido municipal gallery. i hope to see you there this month. also, this month another workshop at the stamp addict. OK, i'm beat now just thinking about this.

i am so proud of myself for deleting my favorite facebook applications - i have already noticed i have more time in a day without them. i loved the games - especially farmville - but there is no more room for it in my life - at least not right now.  i am dedicating this painting of the "farm brothers" to the demise of my farmville account.  (heavy sigh).


Nina and/or Ruthie said...

Wow! Such a busy artist! I'm so happy you have so much work to do. It's all such a labor of love and getting paid for doing what you love must be very rewarding. Sorry to hear about the demise of your Farmville - I know you loved it, but it sounds like it's the only way to get all of your work done and not be so stressed out. I admire your discipline in being a working artist. Can't wait to see what your students did in Paris. Nina xo Happy New Year!

ODD imagination said...

Ok, I'm exhausted now. What a flurry of activity you have on your plate and I thought I was in a crisis with such things - I think again...
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I'll be back for seconds on yours. :o)

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