Sunday, December 27, 2009

the day after.....

i don't know how you feel, but i feel great.  i had all three of my kids here.  my son jamie flew in from Buffalo, NY.  it was interesting hearing how much his life has changed - how a southern California boy can survive in cold Buffalo.  i have to admit i have been worried.  he is recovering from bronchitis - his chest cough was a bit unnerving for a mom to hear,  but he seemed healthy otherwise and in great spirits.
brooke and carlos came - brooke is such a fun person to have at any party.   i recommend her for your next party.  and she can now play the accordion.  she is very entertaining, intelligent and just plain funny.
 carlos and gastone (my husband) took to the outdoors after dinner to smoke cigars and sip scotch.  i think they were talking about travel and NYC.

we had rack of lamb, greens, beets, mashed potatoes, gravy,  fresh beans, and gastone made the most wonderful  chicken liver pate with sherry.
after dinner gastone made dessert - he whipped heavy cream, sugar and rum then folded in blackberries.  fresh, simple and delicious.  for those of you who have eaten at our house - you know what i am talking about.

what i got for christmas was a camcorder.  i can now video my art lessons and share the love on youtube.  (my childen cringe at this idea).  i have been practicing all day filming my family and the dog and cat.  its amazing what funny things that can unfold as you film.  for instance, the dog (as seen above) was looking straight into the camera for several minutes as he was sitting on our sofa when all the sudden one of his legs goes to sleep and he almost falls off the couch.  it's then that i realized he was asleep with his eyes open staring into the camera.
it was Hi-larious.  well,  to me - but i guess you had to be there.  oh dear, i hope i am not going to be yet another boring film maker that shows their own pets doing nothing on youtube.  i must steer myself away from that.   but i needed to practice, so  i filmed the cat meowing at the door - i nearly cried with laughter as she sat down and glared at me.  i think i filmed her sitting there for 5 minutes.  she is such a fat lump.  she had a very pissed look on her face and her eyes looked hooded.  she was not amused.
  i showed the taped sessions to my family - they yawned.
maybe i need to learn to incorporate peppy music.  that might help.  a film of a stare-down with the fat cat and peppy music.
more practicing, i filmed my daughter typing on the computer.  i asked her about her new nail color - she answered me (its navy blue) but didn't look up.
i filmed my husband slumped on the couch watching TV.  he frowned - i promised to delete it.  back to filming dog and cat.
i tried to film myself in the mirror - to show off my new haircut and "bumpit".   i guess that will take practice because i filmed up the wall instead.
then my daughter showed me that i could turn the viewer around so that i could see myself being filmed (you know in the viewer).  that improved things and it worked half the time.  kinda.
then i filmed our xmas tree.  that was kinda boring - even i admit that.  back to the cat and dog.
later, the dog was sleeping in his doughnut position on the floor (that dog sleeps a lot), i called his name - he opened just one eye.  he didn't even lift his head.   another dud of a video.  back to filming the cat - she was still sitting by the door.  still looking ticked.  she has developed a permanent frown for a face.   time for a prescription of anti-depressants for the cat.
of all the film i took today i think the one that i liked best was of.....envelope please.......dempsey the dog sleep staring into the camera.  i'm still laughing about that.
its all deleted now - but guess what - tomorrow is another filming day.
i might take my camera outside and film my plants.
i wonder if i could film and drive at the same time - i don't think there is a law against it.  i just can't be on the phone.  there is a law against that.
i might buy large sunglasses too.  and a hat.  i need a new self image.
i mean, apart from the bumpit and bad haircut.  (oh yeah while i was enjoying my christmas cheer yesterday i thought it would be a great idea to let my young daughter cut my hair.  turns out - that was not really a good idea).    she shouldn't have used the weed whacker.  even she asks now, "momma why did you let me do that?".


linda said...

LisaLisa! you crack me up once again! now how can your family complain about the camcorder?? they gave it to you, right?? i mean, from 4000 miles away, i could connect those dots and know the impending doom! Paparazzi Bebi...oh yeah! sorry about the haircut....i had to pay an actual "professional" to screw mine up. oy. have a fabulous new year, my talented friend! Linda

Jaime Lyerly said...

I cannot wait to see what art videos you record. This is one of the main reasons I am dying to get a camcorder. I have thousands of pictures of my cats because they are the only ones who won't crank at me when I take their pictures.

By the way, let someone else drive while you film and Brooke is welcome to come to my party anytime. Between the two of you, I bet I would be peeing in my pants with laughter.

Let me know when you get those videos up!


Anonymous said...

..i got my art card lovely...thank you so much....Have great day..!!

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