Saturday, December 5, 2009

shhhh, she's about to fall to sleep.....

i have been creating journal pages for a workshop i will be teaching next week.
this is one of the pages.
i first teach how to do the background colors on watercolor paper - which are washes in transparent acrylics, then a bit of deconstruction using stamps and gesso.  the main image (which is only lying on top of the page at this point - i glued it down later) is something i will bring to class.   we will paint the image in coordinating colors.    it's not as hard as it looks.  the painting is created with (only) washes of color over a color photocopy.  it has a nice dreamy quality that way.
this journal page could either be de-constructed further or it could be used as is -or a place to write your private thoughts or dreams.

the workshop is listed on my sidebar to the right.


Janny said...

Love your work. When I paint on a magazine picture my paper is bubbling, I use almost no water.. Sanding did not work, what is your secret;o)

Tess said...

I so wish I could attend a workshop of yours. I love the colors in this piece and the dreamy quality is perfect for the picture. So sweet!!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

love this image, Lisa. beautifully done! and what a "teaser" for your workshop - no fair, no fair !!! ;-) See you soon ... Davi

Bunny Wilson said...

I'd still love for you to offer some of the online workshops!!!

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