Saturday, December 5, 2009

journal making class -

 the idea of creating these 8" x 8" pages is for the students to create them and use them as "blanks";  to take the artful pages home and write on them later.
i just feel that it would be to much pressure on the individual student to think up something to write during class---- it is not private enough.   as for me, i photocopy and use these images over and over -tweaking the meaning this way and that.
in this piece, this young girl represents to me, a girl infatuated with the idea of love -  wondering who she will one day marry.  a virgin.  this piece might invoke fond memories or perhaps, it can represent a daughter in the present.  also she could be used as a madonna for the holidays or a saint - one could create an additional altar for her.
this was created on heavy watercolor paper using washes of color over a resist of matte medium using alphabet stamps.   the image is one i have prepared (painted) for class use and is  ready to be stick down and embellished.


Diana Trout said...

I would definitely take your class.

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