Tuesday, November 3, 2009

announcement: my new website

http://www.lisabebi.com. the live link is to the right in the sidebar. over time i will be adding more of my larger canvases - my fine art, for sell there.

it's a lot of work getting a website up plus the etsy shop. i have so much to share, its just a matter of organizing. ugh! something i was born without - the organization link. it my missing link. fortunately, i have very patient people helping me.
my old website www.lisabebiart.com is still up, but it is only a display or vanity website. my new website has a shopping cart. eventually i will streamline things so that i won't have a ton of URLs attached to my name.

meanwhile, i have been suffering with the stomach flu - yeah, i did have my seasonal flu shot - a couple of weeks ago. maybe its not the flu - it could be a bad gut from being on too many antibiotics lately. that's possible. so i am on an aggressive yogurt diet. ugh!

at home i have been putting together more fodder boxes for sale. i am really enjoying this. putting together little surprise boxes full of beloved bits from my studio, stuff i wanted to finish but ran out of time, etc. all good stuff; stuff i overbought. er, lots of stuff i shouldn't have bought but did anyway. couldn't resist. lots of vintage papers, books, stamps, stickers, random fabric bits, buttons, findings, beads, canvases, craft making stuff, fun elements, embellishments, scrap book matching papers, handmade papers, ATCs.
i need the room in my studio to work. christmas is coming up. time to make gifts.

also, i have plenty of half finished paintings, i am selling them for cheap, encouraging the buyer to finish them and calling it a collaborative with me. i will sign it before i mail it out. the owner has the option of using it as a collab with me or using it for their own purposes like put it in a journal or whatever, they can photocopy it and practice paintovers.
on etsy i also have for sell some pieces i call "quick paintover"s. that's what they are; one of a kind paintovers on magazine paper, ready to be scanned or framed, again, whatever. i sell them for just $2o.00 each. i think that's a great buy for original art. or you can buy the half finished one for only $2.20.

i am going to be selling things that have appeared in my articles for somerset studios too. i will start to place them up on the site by the end of the week.
i realize it has been a while since i have written about something other than my various art enterprises. my next blog entry will be about my family - i promise.


Tess said...

But I love reading about your art and your journey with it. I got my scaps and I love them. Perfect ATC size and I am staring at them now and then to see what inspires me. What pops. I think one may become part of a clown shirt.
OK, so I am sure your family is interesting too. Who does Lisa Bebi hang out with every day?!
Smiles, Teresa aka Tess

Lille Diane said...

You are amazing. That's it. You're stuck with me. I'm stalking you now. In a good, and worshipful way of course.... =] I know I could learn so much from you. Thank you~ I keep looking for that organizational gene, too. I think some peeps stood in line more than once when it was being passed out.

lisa bebi said...

welcome lille diane. hey i looked you up - you woodstock girl. i am going to put up my bob dylan painting just for you. (its sold though). check it out in my upcoming post.

Anonymous said...
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