Thursday, October 29, 2009

sorry, but i just have to repeat this announcement

it's that good!

only 4 spots left.......
ladies only! there is still time - but call today!

nov.13, 14 and 15th, camp stevens (fresh new lodge, Wolterstorff),
in beautiful Julian
(yumm, julian apples).
the price includes:
all meals - all organic
3 days, 2 nights
all workshops

workshops are*:
encaustic technique workshop with jamie liverly - a wonderful teacher;
portrait painting with judith burnett; and relaxing-while-wine-sipping-after-dinner "paintover" demo and studio time with me!
this retreat is put on by the san diego chapter of the national organization Women's Caucus for Art ( founder is internationally famous fiber artist Faith Ringgold). this is an important art organization and i am proud to be part of it.
so come be part and enjoy a weekend with like minded women artists. you will learn and expand your creative powers not only by the workshops, but by your fellow artists. brand newbie artist welcome!!!
this is a tax deductable retreat - only 4 spots left.

$135 (members)*
$155 non members (great price for an artist retreat!)
$180 retreat plus years membership bonus price
out of towners - there are women prepared to pick you and and take you back to the san diego airport. don't be shy, join us.

* might be a small materials charge.

contact: jen bottoms (619) 892-3429 and more details.

i just LOVE artists retreats. : )

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Lille Diane said...

I will add this to my dream board as a visual to join you one day here at one of your retreats. It's hard for me travel like I used to before the auto accident BUT I will use this a carrot to get there! YES! =] I would love this so much.

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