Saturday, October 17, 2009

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this is my image for my profile page on facebook - its a 9" x 12" acrylic painting on stretched canvas - $75, plus shipping. yeah its the original and of course signed. i am beginning to sell stuff off. i have wayyy too big of an accumulation of art, bits of art, papers, and experiments, just stuff.
so i decided to put a 5 pound box of lisa bebi's studio stuff - a grab bag of it on ebay and etsy for sell. you can have a look at the photo there. or it could be i forget which name it is under - i only opened the account today. i have a lot to learn. in fact it might not be "live" exactly yet. tomorrow it will though. i opened it in order to get a paypal account going - i have already had orders from all over the states. no one is more surprised than me! but this is great - i can view cleaning and clearing my studio as a profession now. this should help me overcome a condition i will just call "hoard".
i have been practicing on an application on facebook called "farmville". i have made myself sell off lots of the farm - even though i resisted because more is better, right? but i urged myself on - and i have been able to sell it off and even delete some of it. this is all prep work to get me to delete some (all) of my studio clutter. i think it is working.
so if you want some studio fodder and you live near enough to pick it up - you can have a box or two for as little as $20. there's good stuff including lots of my art. you could use my paintings on paper and put them in your own journal pages or on your ATCs or just frame it. there are also half finished canvases that just be for you to finish.
if you live near me and you aren't a crazy person, you can come help me and get stuff for free.
email me: if you are interested in helping me.

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anna maria said...

I've heard of Farmville and how dangerously addictive it can be, but I never thought it could be good for anti-hoarding therapy!
I started to make something according to your paint over workshop in Somerset Workshops, but drifted off in another direction midway. I'm happy with it anyway, and blogged about it.
Will try the paint over again soon.
Wish I lived close by, just so I could vicariously enjoy the thrill of someone getting rid of too much stuff!

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