Sunday, October 18, 2009

fodder boxes

i am so pleased that the US postal service will be supplying me (and anyoneelse who lives in the USA) free boxes that to ship can weight ANYTHING for a flat rate. therefore i have been selling my studio fodder that has been piling up skyhigh around here.
imagine a shoebox full of lisa bebi studio fodder - stuff i was going to use, but have too much of. these include vintage papers, paintovers on paper - some half finished waiting for you to finish (if you show your art with my art, just call it a collaborative with lisa bebi (i could sign my half done pieces, request this otherwise i won't), small canvases (since any weight will do), scrapbook papers, ATCs (about 10) all dolled up for you,mag. cutouts that i had planned on using. a shoebox holds a LOT of paper - and i do fill them to the top. i would be so thankful. not only would you be awesome for helping the environment by recycling, you would be doubly awesome for helping out a fellow artist who needs to get organized.
i have finally come to the realization that--- even if i got to live 3 or 4 lifetimes, i would never be able to use all this stuff. or even 10 lifetimes. maybe tonight i will be brave and upload the image of my overloaded studio.
so here's the deal, each shoes box size is $20, plus shipping and handling. but you can chose your own amount by looking at the us postal flat rate website and pick a boxsize - that will be your rate. for instance i think medium boxes ship for $10.35. my price for fodder will vary with the size of box you pick.
if you are interested email me:
visit to see more of the contents and some description.
or you could mail your order to me
lisa bebi
8030 la mesa blvd, suite 259
la mesa, CA 91941
or you could order it off etsy and use paypal
at "pimpmyart"
these are selling like hotcakes - but don't worry i have plenty of fodder for everyone.

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