Wednesday, October 14, 2009

let's dance....

ahhh, poor suzi blu is suzi flu today - so when she is feeling better we will have a "studio bebi" day.

i am still putting together - studio trash or fodder for those who are interested.

it costs $10 plus shipping and handling. it's just stuff that i bought too many of or stuff i made too many of ....but mostly papers - some painted some not - tags, ribbons and experiements, stickers, etc. stuff that would make a mixed media person happy. its a cool grab-bag. you won't be unhappy if you buy a big bag of it.
and you will be very cool because you will be recycling - and we all know that is awesome and doubly cool because you will be helping out a fellow artist clear her studio so that she can create more beautiful stuff- while you finish the already started beautiful stuff that the world needs to see.

if you buy a $20 box of stuff - you will be the cool person winner.
just email me:

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Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Lisa, I SOOOO want you to sign me up, pronto, girl, for a $20 BOX of your Lisa Bebi Art Studio FODDER. I am a fodder-loving girl from childhood: My mom would sit me at a TV table, with an extra one at my side, with a BOX of "fodder" (Edith style fodder included used colored tissue paper from her fancy shoe boxes, bits of ribbon and lace and fabric from her personal couturier, feathers, fluff, stuff like that) and a bottle of Elmer's glue. I would collage to my heart's content. IT IS NO WONDER I chose "mixed media" to delve into when my artistic journey began a year ago. :-) SIGN ME UP, I'll send you the 20; Easier still, I can just meet up with you to collect my PARCEL o' FODDER !!! -- Davi

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