Saturday, September 5, 2009

spiritual painting/collage

sometimes my imagery reflect my very personal spiritual feelings.  often you will find that i place a loved one in a heavenly realm.  usually they have already passed, but not always, like our rosie here.  she is still very much with us. 

 our daughter, rosie, was about 6 years old when this photo was taken of her.  so sweet.
oh, don't worry there is no tragedy behind this piece. no drama, nothing happened that she should end up prematurely in the glorious heavens above- not yet, not before her time. 

 nothings happened except my sharp awareness and  then heavy melancholy i feel when i think about time slipping away faster everyday -   she is nearly grown now -if only we could keep forever those moments that carry our tenderest memories.

how i did this piece:

this is on a cradled birchwood square 8" x 8".  i lightly gessoed it and then laid acrylic on it in a pool like watercolor - this bloom of color suggests clouds, i stamped in butterflies images and letters in a copper iridescent color.  finally i collaged the hand tinted image of my daughter stepping over a little bit of lacy paper doily stained in warm tones - as though she emerges from a frilly cloud.  i love this piece - it gives me much joy.


icandy... said...

These pieces turned out just gorgeous, Lisa!!!!
Happy day!

lisa bebi said...

thank you christina - i liked them......its not always that pieces that i intend to be meaningful actually do come out that way.

Tess said...

Absoulutely gorgeous. I can understand the story behind it. The meaning of her growing up and the feeling you are loosing her to adulthood. The butterflies, I see, as many wonderful memories. They are still with you, in your heart and your memory to come to you at a later date.

Damon-Eugene Rich said...

You do so much in a small piece. Like any artist you manage to add levels without knowing it sometimes seeing it. You're the best. Generous wiht your words, time, kindness.

PCarriker said...

Just lovely Lisa! I am so looking forward to visiting you in a few weeks!!

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