Friday, September 4, 2009

Max visiting the mission at monterey....

available soon......


this is kit #1, entitled "The Mission at Monterey".

the kit is easy to follow, there is a short list of supplies needed.  then the instructions are as easy as one, two three.

by doing this kit - you will have a nice work of art, and you will have learned how to do it yourself using your own black and white photos.

this is just one kit.  several different kits will be available, with different subject matters.  
this painting was done on paper, then photo-ed using my MAC's photobooth function.  (see my fingers on the side?)  anyway, i will do a better job photoing this art, er......, as soon as i find my camera.


Schatzie said...

HI Lisa, LOVE your kit! How may one go about acquiring it? Thank you much. ~Laura Ricker

linda e said...

bebi this is the shizzle!! (i didn't want to say tits on your blog)! i may need a kit! what a fabulous idea for those of us who are stumped at the starting gate! Linda

Colette George said...

this is great Lisa!!

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