Monday, September 28, 2009

somerset handcrafted magazine

someone out there wants these towels - what do i do?
well, i am STILL trying very hard to put up an ecommerce website. i truly can't believe how little time i have to put up this site.
so many of my dreams happen this way, i want to do something, i calculate that i can because i think the time and energy it takes equals x. and guess what? it ALWAYS takes x to the 3rd or 4th power. or multifold x by 10. or, i guess you could say, x tenfold. maybe even 100fold.

so i keep on truckin' anyway.

i just need to put EVERYTHING on my calendar. and even then there are always things mis-calendared or just plain missed. like, i need to calendar de-fleaing the cat. course, once i start itching, i will remember. don't wanna wait that long.
suddenly, i feel itchy now.

and where does the time go? i thought i cleared out my house - did spring cleaning, you know? less than 6 months ago - but nope, i think it has actually been 19 years.

and to top all this off - i have become a ef'ing insomniac - which doesn't help staying on task. you would think that now that i sleep less, i could get more done. doesn't work that way. unfortunately. it just means i slug around more. like right now at 4:15 in the morning, i could be doing exercise or painting large canvas or even baking up tonight's meal. but nope. i'm writing here about not getting anything done. which is at least something, i know, but you should see the slow rate i'm typing. i.t.'s. a.b.o.u.t. l.i.k.e. t.h.i.s.

maybe i will try another sleeping pill.


PCarriker said...

Hey Lisa! Thank you again for your hospitality, I am craving more Italian food, lol! I had a wonderful time, still catching up at home, but had to stop by and say 'hey'!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

my goodness, Lisa, YES, someone out HERE wants those towels -- show us more, show us more. I LOVE 'EM. :-) -- Davi

linda said...

name something you CAN'T do...(besides sleep) ...omg those are gorgeous....

Josie Rodriguez said...

Hi Lisa, I do think that the universe is spinning faster and a bit out of control. I have been cleaning my cupboards in my studio and giving away lots of stuff to my niece who is a Kinder teacher. Felt good to purge which I do about every 3-6 months too.
Your blog title made me laugh and say OMG because (and maybe this is too much information) I just learned that I don't have a spleen, never had one! I needed a diagnostic CAT scan and all was ok but no spleen. Spleenless in Seattle, I mean San Diego. Be well my friend. I am in the process of getting my first ever blog up and running. Will let you know when all is a go.

Kathleen said...

Here I sit blog surfing at 1am, unable to sleep, after two days of tearing apart the garage and every closet to clean and purge - and I find this post!! The universe has a very strange sense of humor.

Here's hoping we both learn how to sleep AND that the fairies will finish the organizing projects :)


Halo Hill said...

I totally understand!!

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