Monday, September 28, 2009

"Ruby in Plaid"

i am seriously thinking about taking up oil painting. sure, i still love acrylics, but i believe there is a lot of expression in brush strokes. i love the buttery, creamy effect of oil painting.
vincent van gogh -worked in oils (no acruylics invented yet, but he could have opted for egg tempera, but he didn't) he wanted to express cosmic energy. thats why he used small brushes and short brush strokes that described tumbling direction of energy. that, to him, was the cosmic energy of his subject matter.
starry night was all about the cosmos and energy. he believed (i know he was crazy) but nevertheless, he believed that all things living or otherwise had a "presence" or energy that could be shown/seen in swirling brushstrokes. he was poetic that way.
i love that painting. there was a time when i painted large starry night paintings as an effort to learn him.
anyway, this painting of my mom in plaid is painted in acrylics. the colors and brush strokes made me think it would be nicer in oil.
its only a small 10" x 3" painting on wood.


Bunny Wilson said...

I started in oils. I'm no where near the artist you are, but oils have a "weight" to them that I've not been able to find in acrylics. Your work is awesome no matter what you use...I guess that's part of the "art" isn't it?

anna maria said...

As far as I can tell, Deepak Chopra and Quantum Physics believe the same thing, so we are in good company!
See item #2.

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