Tuesday, July 7, 2009

lost purse...

i think i left my purse in our van - we went to the dog beach at coronado island on sunday and that's when i left it in there. my husband drives the van to work. so yesterday (monday) at lunch time i realize i don't have my purse. i started to look everywhere - in my car, the usually places around the house, then the unusual places around the house. up stiars downstairs. rosie and i are hungry and went on a mad panic search. i called my husband - left a message "is my purse in the van - tell me so i won't panic". but he was out. i emailed him too.
starving, rosie and i decided we could probably scrap up enough money from the change box in the kitchen to have lunch or go buy groceries. we only had dimes and nickels not that many quarters. she found a couple of rolls of pennies that equalled $.50 - eventually we got about $13 scraped together in change. we double counted it on the eating table. we figured we could get cheap hamburgers at jack in the box. (we were panicked - you can tell cuz we are thinking jack's). we put the change in our pockets.
at the same time, rosie and i say "OK let's go".

automatically (without thinking) i reached over and picked up my purse that was sitting next me on the table all along .........i laughed (after i said WTF) but poor rosie is very disturbed she is afraid that she is turning into me - i bet she can't wait for summer vacation to end.


Anonymous said...

i believe these experiences come with age. several times i have looked in every room of the house for my sun glasses only to find them on my head. thank god for mirrors...

Colette George said...

that is so funny and WAY toooo familiar!!!
hahahaah. thanks for the laugh this morning.

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