Sunday, July 5, 2009

san diego's dog beach.......coronado island...

i have taken a little time off from blogging and painting - this time of year when rosie is out of school and other family members come to visit, i find it hard to get much work done. my niece and her family are in town for a month or two staying with her mom, but nearby - then my son is coming to town for two weeks before he heads off to NYC.... my brother and his sons are coming before school starts again --
every weekend rosie has important swim meets.
i'm going to stop listing stuff now because i am boring myself.

today we went to dog beach (with dempsey and the dog we are babysitting, jammer) on coronado island - what a beautiful beach - white sand with some iridescent silver flecks in it - a little way further south the beach is actually called "the silver strand" .

it really makes the wet sand gleam - these flecks. gorgeous.

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