Wednesday, July 1, 2009


my dear friend glass artist  joan irving is right this very moment in NYC......why?   she is attending a grand installation ceremony and reception.  the installation of her beautiful glass in a large building.  which large building? the empire state building!!!  are you shitting me??  nope.
the empire state building has been going through changes -retro changes.  in fact they are retrofitting the entire old building to make it more "green".  the owner of the building (i forget who owns it now) began a scheme to bring in the look of the original plans for the building.  so, they needed some art deco glass for the first floor and commissioned joan to do it.
joan is not new to commissioned public art.  her work is all over the san diego airport and the port of san diego - also she has several public pieces in the city of escondido and elsewhere.

if you go to the san diego airport, you might notice a massive pane glass work of hers upstairs near the front of the building, near the security check in the front of the building, second floor - (see third photo here)    she also has her work above the baggage claim, which is a  long massive piece -ribbons in the wind.
the second photo is of her "totems" art glass that she has for sale in our little gallery at the escondido municipal gallery (come visit us every second saturday 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.)

my painting is called "green girls" - i'm still playing with the colors green and blue.

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