Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RIP pina bausch, cancer age 68.....

what beautiful "dance theater" - i can really feel what she is saying with her dance.
very emotional and moving.

one tacky note - uhm, janet jackson - her brief second with her boob out because of wardrobe malfunction -well watch this - this is what theater thinks of that rubbish.
i don't know about you - but i am getting a little sick of the jackson family. i mean i have even been dreaming about the MJ news now -there is no relief -- i feel so bombarded.
do you ever think like me? i think that princess diana and MJ and elvis may have each faked their own deaths so that they could stay out of the public eye so that at last they could have a private life? i don't know -think about it, MJ was in terrible debt - the way things are going, i think that very soon MJ's estate will no longer be in debt because of the rate in which his music and paraphernalia is now selling on ebay.


Ramona Konar said...

I saw someone who looked a lot like Janis Joplin a few years after she died in a department store and wondered if she might be hiding out as a straight person.

Marilyn Rock said...

My thoughts exactly Lisa! Thank you for expressing it. I've had it up to my eyeballs with the MJ stuff. Someone said to me, recently, that the reason that MJ, Elvis, Diana died so young is that we don't want to think of them when they get old; that we always want to think of them as they were! I'm not completely sold on that. I feel kind of sorry for MJ's kids. I don't even want to turn on the TV; too much MJ!

Anonymous said...

all the talk about MJ gets old but you know it's for real that he's gone.
It's sad. Lisa, i'm enjoying your blog again.

lisa bebi said...

anonymous - where have you been? oh, you mean you just got your computer working again.

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