Tuesday, June 9, 2009

upcoming article: water transfers on cloth

i have been busy, busy - writing articles.  i am currently writing an article on painting a memory (not from memory) but instead describing on canvas what a memory looks like.  i feel very philosophical right now...but i'm not really - its just the way i'm wired.
this is a picture of a technique i developed where i use my art and transfer it to cloth using just water as the vehicle.  this is a different article.  i have mentioned this before.
the water transfer to cloth article is set for the next  -SS art quilting studio magazine. 

 people ask me all the time, when is that article coming out on this or that technique you are were working on.
the truth is, there can be up to a year or more lag time.  in the beginning - when i was new to publishing, this used to freak me out.  i thought my articles had somehow slipped through a crack (perhaps they do for a while), or maybe the publisher had a change of heart about my work.....then suddenly, an email message comes - please send your article electronically.  this is the point when i actually write it.    i'm not sure how other artists do it,  but this is how i roll.
sometimes, the publisher has to send me a snapshot of what i sent in because i can't remember it.   this is bad practice, i try to remember to at least take the picture myself before i send it in.  and yeah, i probably should write the entire article before i send it too.  but by the time i create something new, prepare it to send off - (which is not an easy feat - i often do step-outs which means i prepare the same thing over and over, but adding a new step each time) --  i feel kinda exhausted.  luckily,  editors always give me ample lead time to write once i get notification which publication the article will go in.  so i do it then.  however, sometimes i wake up in the night to write it - like today.  er, this morning.  

why do my best ideas come in the night?  why can't i have a normal work week?

ok, i'm rambling here - i better go back to bed.  i just thought you might like to know how i work................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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