Tuesday, June 9, 2009

calendar reminders....

learn the high points of the paintover technique.  my workshop will be the last saturday of this month at the escondido arts partnership - the municipal gallery.  you must call to reserve a spot - the class is limited to a small group.

also, come meet san diego's famous glass artist, joan irving (sd airport glass) and me this saturday at the escondido arts partnership's reception - the second saturday event 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

where: escondido arts partnership
262 east grand ave. escondido - both events.
(760)  480-4101.

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Damon-Eugene Rich said...

I was thinking about your paintovers. I was wanting to you to push them another step. Go back in and draw over the top of them. Add some edge to them. They are lovely. If this is a picture of mom in the car on her 2nd date, do a drawing of her as if you were her thinking about if you were on your 2nd date wiht your father. Or if its a sad picture, draw over the top or collage in a piece of paper that you had drawn in yourown hand. Ill mind my business. But was just thinking that I would love your pieces to have some more emotional bite.

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