Monday, June 29, 2009

"long red hair" and "banana hat"

just spending a few moments painting tonight.

my neighbor left for a two week trip and left us her dog to watch.  i don't mind- i love her dog.  the dog's name is "jammer".  jammer is a pitbull mix - part lab and part mastif - he should be  a total power dog, but somehow he is more like a jellyroll.
jammer never met a cat before tonight.  our cat, "miss dior" is very pretty, but she is also very aggressive and not very lady like.
when jammer went around in the house sniffing it out, he ended up in rosie's room.  jammer didn't see miss dior, smell her or notice her as she crouched under a chair and hissed meanly.  when he turned to walk out of the room,  she hissed-chased him and stuck him with long sharp claws in his heel.  he cried out. and i screamed.  the cat didn't let up, she chased him out of rosie's room and down the hallway.  i was shocked.  i have never seen a cat so vicious.  every other cat i have ever had -either  hid from dogs or jumped up high.  not miss dior - she came out from hiding in order to teach jammers boundaries.    too bad jammer didn't learn anything except that he rather stay with us in the living room.  but then, miss dior wasn't satisfied --she hissed her aggressive self  straight into our living room with an arched, flared back and tail and claws visible.  she was pissed.    too bad for her - our dog "dempsey" (or as i call him, "fang") was in the living room too.   she is afraid of dempsey and his gleaming white needle teeth.   (maybe i should nickname him "cruncher").  
boy, did she ever come to a screeching halt when she saw him lift his lips to expose some very intimating pearls.  dempsey's growl is like a low eerie warning - like a big storm mounting someplace far - and then he flashes his teeth with a pulled back mouth.  at first i suppose someone come mistake that look as a smile - but they would be unfortunate.   
miss dior was having trouble making up her mind - she wanted to finish the job she had started on  jammer - but then she would have to pass "fang".  
finally she retreated complaining to me all the way.  low to the ground stride, tall, standing-on-end hair and grumpy- meow, meow, meow.  her ears were flat and she looked like a ticked off washer woman.   i tried not to laugh at her because  she is very sensitive.
she is still pouting in rosie's room.

the house has settled now - miss dior is sleeping with rosie and the two dogs are upstairs with us.  maybe i should invite my daughter's pitbull "gracie" over to play tomorrow.  
but, miss dior will have a tiny cat sized cardiac.


Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

your paintings are so amazing! You can't teach this kind of talent. it is born in you.

lisa bebi said...

ahhh thanks're sweet. but i happen to know you are talented too.

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