Monday, June 29, 2009

from the fair......

seen here is my daughter with her friend, jenni, on "the crazy mouse" and two strangers.
rosie has her tongue out on the far right and jenni looks a little like a lion roaring.  looks like fun, don't you think?
well, not my cup of driving is enough excitement for most.  

the news for those who have asked about rosie's swim meet this weekend.  weeeeel,  rosie sorta bombed. in a baad way.  we all blame the weeklong surfing and the friday morning surf competition.  she was depleted - well, live and learn.   so she has another chance to make the times she needs to go to hawaii in 2 weeks.  we won't surf that week.   
its hard to enjoy summer fun while training in swimming, but we will try to squeeze it in anyway.  she goes back to school august 8th- not a long summer break. 


i loooved my workshop friends on saturday.  can't wait to teach my next one.

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