Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my essential collection..

these brushes are the size and shape of what i use most.  thought i would share.

amercian idol:
i forgot to write about american idol last night.  i know why, because at this point, i don't care.  i have all along thought that adam was the most talented but have loved gokey best.  but after last night's performances - i have changed my mind.
yeah, sure adam is a great performer, probably the best i have ever seen on AI, but his either very high pitched singing or rocker singing is getting predictable.  danny gokey - i just love his pipes and his sentiment.  he has a sound in his voice that i find very touching - i wish i could describe it - its sortof a voice wind-instrument sound (i guess everyone's voice is a wind instrument) - for some reason there is a certain point in his voice that makes me think of tony bennett.   but i have to say, this is twice now that chris stole the show for me.  he is so good and remixing and so creative and wonderful...loved his last performance.  i have complained about him before, saying he was a forgetful person, but i do love his genius at changing up the composition and vibrations of a song and making them his own.   so my vote, i don't know - i still love gokey.   i will miss this show.


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