Thursday, May 21, 2009

matte medium on paper.....

here i am getting ready to do a small series on paper using matte medium.
i have already brushed these globs into the paper on both side. next i will stain them with fluid acrylics, probably using earth tones like burnt umber, from there, i plan on building with more colors before i proceed with images. this is a change up for me because usually i work on (larger) canvases with only two colors for the back ground. i generally keep everything very simple - but for today, i think i will play for a while with different colors and see what happens. why not? its only paper.

in between time, i will create a couple of bridal rip-outs (rip-outs= torn straight out of the magazine) and finish my 1940's swim suit canvases. and, oh yeah - do the laundry.

later today rosie swims her first CIF swim meet. we are excited to see her swim - she is so nervous.


Just call me Silly Sal said...

Good luck Rosie!

Great to see you use all your table. The day it was just Diane Chen and me, we took the entire table in my dining room and spread way out.

Can't wait to see results.

lisa bebi said...

that's a complete luxury - i know.

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