Friday, May 22, 2009

champion rosie!

(pictured: gastone, my husband/ rosie's dad and rosie---- and random unknowns)
OK OK i know i am one big fat braggart,(i never pass up a chance to brag) and i know i am going too far with this -- i am sure i am driving everyone crazy, but damn it, rosie did a great job at the CIF prelims today. cousin fred, listen to this:
rosie is only a freshman, age 14! she broke two high school records. one of the records was 33 years old (for 200 yard IM - individual medley) and again in 100 yard breaststroke. she qualified 4th in breast and 8th in 200 IM. remember this is southern CA where all swimmers are exceptionally fast...., so this is a big deal.

especially to our family.
so excuse me while i brag about one of my kids--my face is beaming so bright tonight, someone could probably borrow it to fix a car engine at midnight. er....... (don't ask me, im drunk from celebrating).

the finals are saturday afternoon (2 p.m.) at rancho bernardo high school - come everyone who wants to cheer my baby on..
200 yd. IM time 2: 14.49
100 yd. breast time: 1:08.89


Marilyn Rock said...

Congratulations to Rosie! It is quite an accomplishments and you have a right to brag. After all; aren't children our best works of art????? :)

lisa bebi said...

i like to think of it like that.

Jacky said...

Your daughter is very talented and is lucky to have a mother who is so proud of her efforts. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the matt medium. email

freddyg said...

Yea for Rosie and yea for a mom who recognizes a really, really big accomplishment and deservedly screams it out - - that's not bragging, that's just being a mom. Always celebrate the big ones like this.

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