Tuesday, April 14, 2009

water transfers to cloth

yep, i'm the go-to person for water transfers. here are some great samples of pic to cloth. if you are interested in knowing more, email me at lisabeiart@aol.com

now for the important stuff.

american idol:
OK now it is getting kinda boring. alison and adam are the idols- and okey dokey--- that's it - the rest are good but not that good.
i think matt g. needs to go because he sings off key and he doesn't listen - even dokey hit an off key, but i forgive him because he is so touching to me.
lil round is good but not an idol,
anoop is ok-good but not an idol.
chris and dokey are tied for third in my mind.
i think scott was better than matt g.
the end.


Allo said...

This water transfer technique looks interesting. Can you tell me more? I tried leaving an e-mail and it bounced back.
Thanks, Allo

lisa bebi said...

sure i would be happy to email you about it --- only i don't have access to your email.

my email address is lisabebiart@aol.com it shouldn't bounce back... try it again, maybe there was an error somewhere.

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