Thursday, April 16, 2009

lawry's the prime rib.....

Oh my gawd....i don't think i could eat another piece of meat again. ever. after going to lawry's, the prime rib restaurant in beverly hills tonight, i just can't. this prime rib was the eats of a lifetime.

this place is totally awesome with their 1938 sherman tank built machined-metal carving carts, filled to the brim with prime rib, all cuts and cooked at all degrees of wellness or is a step back in time to decadence and elegance and grandeur.... included in the presentation are supporting staff; with the carving master, maitre d' and the little helper maids with starched white aprons and hats....the booths are something out of an old "i love lucy" show when they travel to la. its not the brown derby (god rest its soul) but has the same air and old hollywood feel.

if you are ever visiting l.a., more specifically beverly hills, i suggest giving "lawry's the prime rib of beverly hills" (thats right, lawry's as in the seasonings) a go....but first, be sure to bring a carload of cash.

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