Monday, April 6, 2009

my son's BIG news

i know, i know, my son IS BIG, but he has some great news...i'm so proud of him.

jamie just accepted a great offer from the university of buffalo, new york. (SUNY) where he will go to get his PhD in literature.
here is the letter from UB he recieved (in part):

Dear James,

I'm writing to let you know that you've been awarded a Presidential fellowship by the College of Arts and Sciences at UB, the most prestigious fellowship available. Congratulations! This fellowship will be worth an additional $x,000 a year for four years, meaning that our funding package to you will be $xx,000 a year for your first four years, and then $xx,000 for your fifth year.

i'm so proud and pleased....but not surprised he has worked hard to get here.
i'm a proud momma. what an experience and change from southern california!

(oh yeah, this pic was taken of us during xmas - we were standing in a case it looks funny).


fred said...

Dear Lisa,

The news about Jamie being accepted into the PhD program at U of Buffalo and the generous stipend is just wonderful! Congratulations to him, and his very proud parents. Please extend to him an open offer to feel free to visit if he's ever in the area. I know Washington is not particulary close to the school but it's closer than San Diego.

Yea for Jamie!!!

lisa bebi said...

thanks cousin - i will tell jamie you kind offer.
of course you know you can visit us anytime too -
hey, let's all go visit jamie in the fall....

colette said...

Awesome Lisa, It's so exciting for you all. Wishing you the best, Colette

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