Wednesday, April 8, 2009

relatives coming

my sister-in-law and her husband, (thats gastone's sister) are coming tomorrow to stay through easter. it will be a wonderful visit - we love them very much.
gastone's sis is very very easy to get along with and same applies (maybe even more so) with her husband. they are coming from north carolina. we visited them last year when we went back there for the PBS taping of "paint, paper and craft". i did a speeded up version of my workshop for a short segment. it was very cool.
but my sister and brother in law are the best. we have some plans of showing them around. last time his sister with her daughter kim, we took them to Tiajuana (mexico) . the kids rode a mule on the beach together - jamie and his cousin kim. i was a laugh to watch them try to control the mule. we taped it. rosie was just a baby in a stroller. times sure change.
now kim and jamie both have finished college and moved on (see last post about jamie). kim's married and moved away to kalamazoo. she coaches swimming there. swimming runs in rosie's family - both sides.

rosie has friday off and back to school monday because she already had her two week spring break.

what's been going on? well, i have been busy clearing out the house. tying to. its very hard for me to throw things out. i can't believe i turned into a hoarder. no one else in my family hoards - that i know of. the bad thing is - gastone is a hoarder too. ugh. trouble with me is, i see everything as a possibility for my art. everything becomes art fodder. things every person in the world throws out, i hesitate, like junk mail, envelopes, (things that come in the mail), magazines, newspapers, cancelled checks, pieces of cardboard, books and books and books- this is the burden a collage artist bears. but enough is enough. its a true love/hate relationship i have for my stuff. i hang on and on, then one day i heave it all out blindly in one big effort. it is a day of reckoning and devastation. this day of reckoning will be tomorrow because i have run out of time.
i will feel better, i am sure, once i do this. but for now, ugh, it hurts.
about american idol - i could not report last night of the show because we were out too late at one of rosie's high school swim meets, (she got 2 firsts - again) if you are local, you can read her name in the SD Union Tribune - high school sports section. she has been in the papers a lot lately because of swimming.
but anyway abut american is getting down to the point that it hurts to see any of them go. i really like scott, but i don't know, i had said he was not really idol material - i'm not so sure now - his personality was just starting to come out. he seems like a fun guy - he still reminds me of my son, so it hurt to see him go.
i am sure he will get work immediately.
i think the idol should be adam. the little troll is almost as good. i have always liked danny and he is very good too. and anoop.
why in gawd's name can't matt g get that wart removed? annoying....lil rounds and chris are under the radar, i who will go next week? i guess lil rounds.....

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