Wednesday, April 1, 2009

water transfers and paintovers

just did some fast paintings of bridal girls which i then transferred to cloth and then create an art quilt. i'm still experimenting with this new technique.

now for some amercian idol talk: so tonight we lost megan. well i love her voice, but she is a clown. and awkward, can't dance or move to music. she is pretty, but mostly she has a cool sounding voice. i know america didn't agree with me -even the bob marley song that was a bad choice for her - i still loved listening to her - BJUT not watching her. that was a train wreck.
anoop is a train wreck to watch too, but he can sing well enough. megan's voice is just different.
i changed my mind totally about chris. don't get me wrong - he does do weird stuff with his mouth ---- it kinda twists into a cartoon figure eight as he sings. but he did a great job.
matt g. what a bone head. he was already warned to not go r&b when he did cold play a few weeks ago. and what does he do with his free choice? tries to push his r&b on us again.
adam was a nice surprise --- again. i keep expecting him to do something bad -- but he doesn't - he will probably win.
he needs to start working out though, cuz his complexion is doughy.
danny - performs well every time, but no surprises. he holds his emotions well, because i was crying during his song as it hit in the gut knowing his personal tragedies. (wasn't it, if i could only see you again? waaa *sob*). oh yeah, the little troll - i dont know why her outfit got so picked on - it was OK, the truth is...... its her face that needs help.
lil (not so lil) rounds. she can sing (i love watching her lips - always a delicious color - she is queen of lipstick wearing)
she's a good singer, but probably won't be idol quality.
oh yeah. scott reminds me of my son when he was about 19. he looks similar and he is definitely built the same. my on has long hands like him too. he has some of the same expressions too. no, my son isn't blind, but like paula said, sometimes you can forget scott is. he i talented and very pleasant but not idol material - but certainly songwriter/singer material. i liked his hair yesterday, but it was a mess again today. he should, i don't know, just wear a hat and maybe get highlights in his hair.
still thinking of my jamie, when jamie was a little boy, he always had still effortless smile on his face - he would show all his teeth when he smiled (in a pleasant, guileless way) - like scott.

so you could have skipped reading this is you aren't interested - as i say my family is not intersted in my opinions about am. idol.
oh and simon was brutal to megan. he acted out spitefully in the end because megan had said she didn't care what he thought....ouch, i'm sure she didn't mean it personally - just that she didn't care if she was sent home - i think she missed her kid.
i guess i get into it a bit much - i would love to be a judge for a day.....
again, tonight i couldn't really understand paula---and she looked like she had on her lavander slip and bra and nothing else.


Joy Logan said...

You just keep ticking along gf! Great idea!

Jenn said...

I love your idol update!!

lisa bebi said...

thank you jenn! thanks for dropping by.

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