Saturday, April 4, 2009

big time BOLLYWOOD

i love bollywood and the movie "slumdog millionaire" satisfies.

we just watched it on HD blueray and it was an eye and earful. i suggest it.
what a love story only a bollywood indian performance could master.


brookeismuchsmarterthancarlos said...

Hi Momma,

I've heard complaints that it's totally different from Q&A, the book it was adapted from, but I think this is supposed to be a retelling of the Rama and Sita story - Rama has a brother, Lakshmana, who is the embodiment of sacrifice and redemption.

I think I told you this before, but I just remembered because you know how I pay all that attention to colors in movies? Yellow, in Indian culture, represents the feminine ideal, joy, love, affection, and was Sita's color (I believe) whereas blue, which is what the main male character was wearing throughout, is Rama's color and represents calm, enlightenment and victory. I LOVE this movie!

P.S. "Jai Ho" means victory against great odds.

brookeismuchsmarterthancarlos said...

HAHA, I totally forgot I set my name to brookeismuchsmarterthancarlos. HAHAHA

lisa bebi said...

glad you told me about "jai ho" we thought that were singing "JLo" and wondered why she was involved...
thanks for the understanding - now i like the movie even more!

lisa bebi said...

and hahahaha when i first read your name was brookeismuchsmarterthancarlos, at first i thought gracie wrote that!
you and carlos sure have fun - dontcha.

brookeismuchsmarterthancarlos said...

We sure do! Er.. most of the time anyyway.

lisa bebi said...

i would have named you:

alright, sorry carlos.

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