Wednesday, March 4, 2009

collaborative art

i am in another art collaborative group. this one is mostly local artists - our "thang" is mail art or poscard art.  the dimension of the piece needs to be able to fit in a 6" x 9" envelope.
i received this card with gold leaf and some stamping on it.  it had a name "temple night".  the gold leaf inspired me to make it sort of heavenly.  what i didn't realize was that i wasn't suppose to finish the piece, but instead mail it on to the next artist in the group, after i added whatever to it.  it goes around until everyone has put something on it and then it goes back to the original person who started it.  it becomes their permanent property. 

if you find this hard to follow - just go have a bottle of wine and read it again.   or not.  i found this very helpful, personally.  the wine drinking that is.

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Scarlet Fields said...

No problems following, which could be scarey, as I havent hit the wine yet! What a great idea, moving the piece around. It's an absolute HOOT that you finished it. Have a terrific day!!

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